Business Ethics And Corporate Morals

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Wall Street Journal
Business ethics and corporate morals have been evolving over the years, and continue to do so. These guidelines are constantly molding and vary as businesses become more integrated. Costco Wholesale Corporation, is a very successful multinational business, but has had issues in following along with social responsibility trends that come with advancements in domestic and worldwide partnerships.

Costco was established on September 15, 1983 by James Sinegal, and Jeffrey Brotman. They opened their first warehouse in Seattle and has since become one among the world’s most successful multinational wholesalers. Costco Wholesale has its subsidiaries operating world wide. The wholesale corporation throughout its
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This is seen with their issues in maintaining basic human rights within foreign workers, , Costco has run into issues with corporate social responsibility, due to their lack of consumer product auditing, false product provisions and affiliation with human rights neglecting subsidiaries.

The wholesale company values its employees, but as a business, it is important to take care of your customer base. Sadly in retrospect, Costco managed to cause harm to their consumer and further damage their name within the western market. Most recently Costco’s salad consumers within the United States have been infected with E. Coli. This recent outbreak spread across 7 states, and according to Business Insider “Five people have been hospitalized, and two have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a type of kidney failure.”. Costco was required to receive assistance and consultation of the Food and Drug Administration due to the lack of proper produce regulation. Costco has yet to give an official statement on this issue, but have removed all remaining rotisserie chicken salad from all stores in the US and stopped further production of the product until further notice for pandemic protection purposes. The contaminated products have made domestic consumers aware of Costco’s lack of care towards not only auditing through their products but also their lack of knowledge of subsidiary companies who provide such faulty goods. Due to the state of America’s
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