Business Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility

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Nowadays, a business wants to exist and grow in a society, which business ethics and corporate social responsibility are sensitive and crucial objectives, the business should do what is right. Many people agree that business does not exist beyond society, it is a citizenship in the society. Therefore, business has to have many certain obligations and social responsibility. It generally means business have to do something good for the community, making social contribution, and using effectively resources in a way that next generations can continue to use them. Especially, business managers should pay attention not only their companies’ financial aspects, but also their social and environmental contributions. In the past, TideeKleen used to be a famous company in its fields, with strong reputation for social and environment responsibility. Unfortunately, the company hit temporarily financial and reputational issues. Standing among three tough choices, the company should make decision which satisfies all parties related, helping the company overcome the issue, and bringing the most benefits for the company about financial and reputational aspects. Firstly, what do utilitarian comment about three options? Let’s consider option A, TK could benefit from avoiding legally its responsibility and expenses, increasing in stock price. Furthermore, its stock owners would pass over financially issues. However, the option A harms its creditors, older worker, contaminated site, and the
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