Business Ethics And Ethical Dilemmas For Serveme

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Ethical considerations for ServeMe:
Ethics is a broad concept, with a lot of things to consider. There is never a right way to do something wrong. Simply put, that's what ethics is all about. Business ethics involves determining what is right and what is wrong and then making the right decision.
Ethics are very important in our business because the decision made by the workers will have the ability to impact people and organizations in many different ways and it can have everlasting consequences.
In ServeMe, we believe that morals and ethics are the most valuable assets a business can have. That’s why we give a great importance to ethics and morals in making decisions.

- Trustworthiness
The trust and confidence we earn from our clients are
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And of course we can make sure that the our staff have the highest standards in their job duties by outsourcing their requirements, it could be better assured the staff has been well trained and screened for doing their tasks with the upmost care, all while upholding ethical standards when in the presence of people’s belongings in their houses.
Our customers should be assured the people that will serve them can be trusted and are conducting themselves with the highest regard to their privacy.
- Quality:
Our services will be delivered at an outstanding quality and reliable performance. We will pay our attention to our primary principles which are: responsibility for customer satisfaction and respectful attitude towards our customers.
Services will be delivered by our certified specialists at the highest quality as they strive for excellence by using their high skills, experience and competences through:
• Providing services fairly with a focus on customer needs.
• Identifying the root cause of problems before starting the services.
• Using the proper
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