Business Ethics And Ethical Practices

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Business ethics and ethical practices have been focuses by many businesses in recent years. Business ethics can help the company to create and develop it workplace culture as well as to increase the productivity of employees. Due to the rapidly change and improvement of technologies, ethical practices within of the workplace have also been changed with the raising of new ethical issues. Many studies and researchers have indicated that it is very importance to identify and understand the impact of technologies advance on ethical practice of businesses. The main purpose of this essay is to conduct analysis and provide evidences that support this opinion. From the point of view of the writer, it is importance to understand the influence of technological advances on ethical practices because the company can only control and manage the impact of technological advances by understand its impacts on ethical practice of the company. In order to evaluate whether technological advances have impact on ethical practice within the workplace or not, it is important to understand what ethical practices in the workplace are. According to Quigley (2008) the term ethical practice within the workplace covers many aspects and responsibilities that need to be performed by employees and companies. For example, employee motivation and training, employee behavior and relationship are parts of the ethical practice of a business (Quigley, 2008). So by evaluating the impact of technological advance on

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