Business Ethics And Social Responsibility

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Introduction Businesses nowadays hold a lot of responsibility when developing and selling products/service ethically. Business ethics is the discussion that many scholars are talking about in securing a business’s reputation and success. In this paper, I will be tackling the surrounding ideals when it’s comes to business ethics and how a business should be run in order to have social responsibility. In addition, the theories that are based around these topics will be added into a scholarly debate to fully capture the insight of the field. We will look at the discourse community in terms of how the scientific studies of marketing ethics is defined and established (normative theories, moral philosophy, logics, etc.). Afterwards, we will…show more content…
After defining ethics, the authors go further and continue with the normative theories to explain how ethics is evaluated. Cavangh et al who is referenced, describe the theories of ethics into three categories: Utilitarian theories, theories of rights, and theories of justice. Utilitarian is based in terms of their consequences; theories of rights that emphasizes the entitlements of an individual, and finally justice, which is the distributional effect of actions. With the theories, the authors use them to analyze the literature surrounding ethics in marketing: Ethical codes, Normative ethical decision models, articles related to a specific area of marketing, and articles on ethical abuses in marketing. Companies institutionalize ethics in order to save the business’s integrity. “Code of conduct is one of the most pervasive responses used by the business community as a way to improve ethical conduct. In the last decade, most major corporations have introduced some form of written code of ethics (Lewin, 1983).” (Fritzche and Tsalikis, 701). Having an ethical code also allows companies to obtain the freedom they need in order to have a free market system without government involvement. Next, Normative ethical decision models shows the concept of ethics discussed earlier into actual decision-making. The normative model integrates the three
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