Business Ethics And Virtue Ethics

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Business Ethics and Virtue Ethics
There are many things that make a company unique and successful. The liberty of working in an organization in society today is that, companies are filled with many different individuals from all ways of life. It’s these people who bring something new, innovative and exciting to their line of work and often times you will find positively affect the others around them. Within my military profession it is the leadership and the culture of our environment that makes us so strong. Early on I have learned even outside of the military, that more minds are better than one. With strong leadership and respect on all levels a company can really maximize and utilize the benefits everyone brings to the fight to be successful. The way someone was brought up or taught has a lot to do with the way they act and think. This way of thinking right here relates very closely to how culture or ones way of life affects ethics as leadership within an organization and culture influence to some degree business ethics.
Leadership influence on business ethics
In many ways a company’s leadership and culture influence its business ethics. What I have learned over the years, is that leadership plays a pivotal role in how an organization operates on a daily basis. In the military, we always say leadership and guidance comes down from the top. If your leadership is not displaying good ethical behavior, how can one expect the employees to measure up. Leadership can also…

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