Business Ethics: Apple

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Business Ethics Businesses are more than just members of a rapidly paced, free market economy: they're people who also act as leaders, setting an example for all members of society. That's why businesses in the last few decades are under increased pressure to behave in a manner that is ethical and sound. As the world becomes an increasingly global society, people are more aware of how their actions impact the lives and futures of others. One ethical issue that many companies in America face is the decision on whether or not to outsource labor to other countries. The reasons that this conundrum is enticing are obvious. Labor is cheaper overseas and thus saves the company money, adding to an even wider profit margin. This is no small issue and is something which can have a truly detrimental impact on the American economy: "It has to be agreed that outsourcing does lead to loss of jobs in the US, especially those that have minimal qualifications. On the other hand, the loss of jobs is not only limited to people with minimal skills, but also jobs of skilled labor that are being outsourced to other countries. Americans who are in poverty and willing to do minimally skilled jobs find it harder to find jobs, and poverty does nothing for the US economy, other than reduce consumer spending and tax revenues. There is also data that provides evidence that jobs are lost and lost forever, especially for those who belong to the low end of the food chain" (Hasan, 2008). These examples
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