Business Ethics - Assessed student reflection on ‘FLOW: for love of water’

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We have all heard of ‘bad’, unethical or immoral business practices. The FLOW documentary outlines a number of unethical business practices in relation to water. Business Ethics provides some tools (moral frames) for explaining what makes certain business behaviours unethical, which can assist in ethical decision-making. After viewing FLOW, find a journal article that meets the following conditions: it is based on one of the moral frames listed in Q2 AND is relevant to one of the ethical issues you identify in Q1 . The article should help you to deepen your understanding of the issues and the moral frames. After viewing FLOW and finding a relevant journal article, answer the following questions in 500 words. (You will probably use a…show more content…
Motive: The reason of development is to make human life better. 2. Basis of will: Find a balance between the sustainable economic growth and environment protection. 3. Reasoned imperatives (commands/principles): When a country is in a period of rapid industrialization, there is a large gap between economic growth and resource consumption. The solution is always find a balance point in order to solve environmental problems through the development, and promote development by addressing environmental issues. Since the utilitarian view only consider influence for the result of the act, people may consider the economic growth must bring consequence. Which means all the environmental damage are necessary. But under this condition, this view consider as unethical view. Many people around world are suffering from the consequence of pollution. And every aspect of people’s life is affected by pollution and wastefulness. It is unbelievable that people are having hard time to get natural resource that is essential for human life. The reason of development is to make human life better. And one of the most important symbol is a better environment. But not constantly consume the natural resource to gain economic benefit. The view advocate that environment protection are more important than economic growth. Under this condition, this view consider as ethical view. 3. Provide a full reference of your journal article, based on Academy of Management style.
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