Business Ethics Case Study: Blue Ridge Water Companies

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Andrew Lay Writing Assignment 2 10/29/2015 When it comes to conducting research, you would need to find which way would be best to inform the customers on the issue that’s presented. You would need to have basic information on how much money this will cost the customer and how cost effective this will be. Research should be done to find out what the city leaders have done unethically and if these individuals should still be employed within the company. The one general problem is that the water company has not informed the people the details of the building and the advanced wastewater treatment plan and all of its positives and negatives and how it could potentially save the customers money. Three key publics that are important to include in this plan are customers of Blue Ridge Water Company, the board of directors, and city leaders. It is important to create a plan to discuss with the customers who will directly be affected by this change. The board of directors needs to be a public because they must see the role public relations can and will play in the development of the company. Lastly, city leaders need to be…show more content…
For the Customers, Increase awareness on the advanced wastewater treatment plan, allow for customers to realize his will be virtually odor-free and employs the best technology available to treat wastewater before returning it to the environment, and allow customers to see where their money will directly go and the benefits of paying for this new system. For the board of directors, I would Board of Directors: To educate these individuals on the importance of public relations and how public relations will better the company and the customers involved in this current
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