Business Ethics Case Study

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Business Ethics Case Study #1 Starbucks Starbucks is a business that has been around since 1971 serving a various amount of coffee for people all around the United States. This business started in the city of Seattle with getting port of coffee from around the world. Today they are international business getting in approximately $11 billion dollars a year. With this being said Starbucks is a very high pace, high traffic environment with all the stores giving a home feel to them so when you order coffee you don’t feel like you even left your house.

Question 1: What role does corporate social responsibility and the employees play in Starbucks approach to business and why? What were two main reasons for this approach?

The role that
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Vision and eye care is also offered to qualified employees. Kentucky Fried Chicken also discounts on gym memberships and fitness facilities in the area where an employee who is qualified works. Kentucky Fried Chicken offers a spending account to their qualified employees to put so much out of their check into an account that allows the employee to have a savings in case a medical emergency has happened. Qualified employees are also offered disability and accidental insurance. Retirement Benefits:
Retirement benefits are offered to qualified employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Incorporated and this brings added advantages for qualified employees to take advantage of 401(k) programs. Kentucky Fried Chicken even matches retirement plans for their employees.
Tuition Benefits:
Kentucky Fried Chicken offers qualified employees the tuition benefits. There are tuition reimbursement programs that a qualified employee can take advantage of to continue their education and still work for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The company will work around the student’s schedule and set the employee up for tuition reimbursement program.
Assistance Benefits:
Employee assistance programs are available and offered to qualified employees of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The assistance can be for medical, college or even personal bills that an employee is struggling to pay.
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