Business Ethics: Child Labor in Wal-Mart

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Part A: Introduction There are several ways to define ethics. Ethic is a set of principles of right and wrong behavior guiding. Ethical person will behave in accordance with sound moral principles based on fairness, justice and trust (Wiley, 1995). The purpose of ethic is to provide an environment that allows people to live a more structured, happy life than would exist without ethics (Warnock, 1971). Business ethic is examination of variety of problems that can arise from business environment and how employees, management and corporation deal with them such as fiduciary duty, insider trading, bribery, discrimination. In other word, ethic of business is about making the right, moral, ethical business decision. Society has subsequently…show more content…
In an empirical study, there are some other possible causes of productivity differences have been recognized such as differences in educational quantity and quality, family size, household headed by woman and other culturally and historical factors will vary attitudes toward work and future-orientation. Thus, these differences may be the result of discrimination in their life especially female labour and disability labour. Moreover, it violates one formulation of Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperatives that ‘equals should be treated equally”. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Age Discrimination in Employment Act had form to prevent any discrimination act. Thus, this is unethical and unlawful if a corporate is practicing discrimination behavior in corporate culture due to its inappropriate practices, conduct, values, norms and violation of human right and interest. Next, child labour is widespread in developing countries. According to International Labour Organization (ILO), at least 211 million children were working around the world and mostly in developing countries, with over 8 million engage in hazardous and exploitative forms of child labour in year 2001. Child labour is those below the legal working age or supposed to be in school. Thus, a child’s working reduces his or her
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