Business Ethics : Ethical And Ethical Issues

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Business ethics is very important. Business ethics examines the moral and ethical issues that arise in a business enviroment. Ethical communication on the other hand allows the business to be honest with the customer. A business should not withhold information in order to sell a product. A great article that discusses ethical communication is "About Ethical Communication in Business" by Scott Thompson. This article discusses the advantages of ethics, honest communication, code of ethics, aspects of ethical communication. It goes into depth about how important it is to be honest. Companies should also be ethical inside of the company and outside. If a business is ethical then they will set a good example of good business practice they can also asure customers of how they are different from competitors. Thompson also makes a very good point about communication. He states that if a customer knew that they were being lied to then they would have no trust in them anymore which would cause them to stop buying. If too many customers feel cheated then eventually it would harm the business in a much more serious way. The IABC code requires businesses to be truthful. The code also requires respect for human rights and freedom of speech. It requires respect for all cultures and belief systems. They must also refuse to be involved in any unethical business practices. They must follow every single law and regulation. Ethical communication helps build a trustworthy relationship among
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