Business Ethics : Ethics And Practices

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Business ethics
Business Ethics relates to policies and practices that regard potentially controversial issues. The business ethics will be the moral principles that will affect a business’s behaviour. Also most organisations pay their business managers to make decisions which will help the business to reach its aims and objectives. Businesses are part of the community therefore they are required to behaviour at a certain standard.
Ethical activities
Ethical activities will focus on making a positive impact and contribution to the community. Ethical firms also carefully consider the implications of what they are doing and the effect it might have on the community and the environment. It also relates to businesses who have a lot of power and whether they use it responsibly or selfishly.
Values of businesses
The values of businesses will vary depending on the company. These are defined by the behaviours and values which govern a business environment. Overall the values are a set of guiding principles that will encourage individuals in an organisation to make decisions based on the business’s stated beliefs and attitudes towards business practices within the industry.
Professional ethics
The professional ethics relate to how people behave in relation to their chosen careers. However professionals can lose the right to practice if they do not follow the rules of conduct laid down by their own professional institutes. This is because these professions are trusted by the public
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