Essay about Business Ethics

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According to the online dictionary, the definition for ethics is the study and evaluation of human conduct in the light of moral principles. The human concern for what is right and wrong, good and bad. Ethics arise from human awareness of the future, combined with a lack of detailed knowledge about it. Lives and actions have to be projected into acknowledged but unknown and future, which at once makes evaluation inevitable: is a possible action right or wrong, wise or stupid, prudential or risky, good or bad? The attribution of value then extends too much else, and produces the characteristic recognition by humans of truth, beauty and kindness, not as contingent or arbitrary, but as independent of the moment which gives rise to them- such …show more content…
Look into ethics side, ethics is the standard to guide our behavior.

In 2008 fall, a famous dairy company disclosure illegally used poisonous and harmful substance with products, and it had been last six years. Those products leaded 280 babies die, 790 babies are anamorphosis, and 485 babies are infected with some serious disease. Just by one night, this news took all the attention is headlight for nearly three months. Public care about the how this happened, why this happened, how this case can be sorted out and what is afterwards. This dairy company--- Sanlu, in the last 30 years of development, it made significant contribution and well knew around the country. But nowadays, this brand could take our fear. Beyond the story, there have few things we should consider: first, the dairy product had been reported by consumers since ten years ago. But how could the management of Sanlu and local supervision system did not get involve until it caused a huge group of victims? Second, how come relevant supervision mechanism never notice public the “truth” since Sanlu products did not pass the inspection test standard? Third, what makes a” well-know” company took down itself by ignore the sense of running business? Now let’s focus on this story how to explore. In 2008 August, about 300 parents from all over China, they submit a joint letter to Prime Minister Premier of China. Then the
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