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Craigslist and Adult Services 1. How would you advise Craigslist? Discuss the legal and practical issues involved and how they should be resolved, and explain why? If I had to advise Craigslist, I would first tell them that if they want to advertise adult content they must make disclaimers such as 18 and over to enter this site. Craigslist isn’t meant to be a pornographic site, so if they wanted to get into that industry they should do it through another means, or even go as far as creating another website strictly for Craigslist Adult services. As the article mentions pictures of nudity and “verbiage” should not be Craigslist. Some legal and practical issues that can arise from this situation may contain child pornography and…show more content…
The lack of Craigslist having any responsibility at all also poses a big “moral issue.” How can a company be aware of a major issue, refuse to employ additional staff to monitor the technology and essentially the issue, and make a couple of name changes and have no moral and social responsibility, making claims that Craigslist is a non-commercial website. In my opinion it is the responsibility of Craigslist to help those that can’t help themselves like victims of child pornography, child prostitution and human trafficking if such a website is up and running especially in the United States. 3. What should Craigslist be doing to be a “socially responsible” company? Why? If Craigslist wants to move forward with its “Adult services” it should open up a different website not at all linked with the Craigslist associated to look for furniture, cars or apartments. Everywhere on this website it should post that people entering this website must be 18 years or older to enter. They should have a statement something to the effect that: Craigslist does not promote or condone child prostitution child pornography or illegal activities. If something illegal is believed to be going on, the authorities will be notified and the link or website will be shut down. Craigslist reserves the right to give any violators information, or person of suspicion to the authorities. Employing a significant number of staff to monitor these issues will also be important as links and

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