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This learning portfolio is a summary of my learning journey of Business ethics in last four months. It is a formal academic document prepared with diverse events that I have learned from all the resources in and around me. By writing and presenting this portfolio, I have achieved the unit outcomes of Business Ethics 657.

Deepak Kuriacose
Student ID: 14211825 Unit Coordinator: Dr .David Pick 23/05/2011


Navigation page Structure of My Portfolio
My Portfolio structured in such a way that each chapter starts with a particular concept on Business ethics which is followed by a particular piece of evidence in the form of case study, picture, video ,news article
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I would like to present this academic paper with the aid of text book- „Business ethics and values‟ by Colin Fisher and Alan Lovell. I found the portfolio writing as a reliable source of learning method which will be helpful in my career. So my portfolio will show my encounters of various issues and cases during each week of my learning inside and outside the class. Thus I would like to call my report with a title called “Concepts and Cases”. The process of creating my portfolio will be interesting journey if I add more real life cases after each week‟s concepts. This report will cover 12 weeks of Business ethics seminar topics. The following are the main topics that we discussed in the lectures: 1. Introduction to business ethics 2. Ethical issues in business 3. Ethical theories and how to use them 4. Individual response to ethical issues; personal values 5. Individual response to ethical situation 6. Individual response to ethical issues; whistle blowing 7. Business response to Ethical Issues: Corporate social responsibility 8. Business response to Ethical issues: Sustainability 9. Business responses to ethical issues: ethical codes and standards 10. The International Context: Global and Local Values 11. Moral Leadership 12. Conclusion

Defining the primary audience of my
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