Business Ethics In Industrial Psychology

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1. Introduction
Industrial psychology, also known as the psychology of work is the study of human behaviour within the work environment. The goal in the field of Industrial psychology is to create a stable working environment that will enable and stimulate worker’s performance, effectiveness and to help them adapt and develop in the work environment. As it is not always easy to create a stable working environment industrial psychologist and the ‘people management’ face numerous critical challenges within organisations. Therefore, the objective of this research was to highlight the challenges facing the field of industrial psychology in the next decade. Firstly, by discussing the challenges caused by globalisation. Secondly, by discussing the impact and responsibility of business ethics in industrial psychology. Thirdly, the effect
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However, in the last few years the effect of dishonest dealings had a negative impact in the business environment, its employees and owners particularly in South Africa. Relationships between society and businesses are based on trust and when this trust is misused this threatens the existence of businesses. Thus, resulting in the introduction of business ethics. Rossouw and van Vuuren (2004) state ‘that business ethics refers to developing sound business practices that will enhance rather than harm the interests of those affected by business.’ Even though the main responsibility for ethical business practice lies with management, industrial psychologists should also take this business practice seriously as they have a responsibility to the people. Industrial psychologists have a responsibility to promote a sound and ethical culture through recruiting people that promote an ethical culture, rewarding ethical behaviour, training individuals in the workplace to apply the code of ethics as well as punishing individuals when ethical breaches
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