Business Ethics, Its Current Practices And Various Aspects

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Current Issue pertaining to Business ethics, its current practices and various aspects:
Discrimination related to the employment in the businesses is one of the major ethical issues nowadays. It creates many problems in the workplace and can reduce the motivation level, loyalty and commitment with the firms. Discrimination on workplace can be defined as the imbalanced or unequal treatment with employees based on biases. This biasness may be based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, nation, language, religion and disability of employees etc. It is the right of the people to be treated equally and provision of equal opportunities without any discrimination in any sense. The discrimination has many forms in the firms like unequal pay compensations, grant of leaves, office timings, promotions, pay raises and work load etc.
There are many types of discrimination in workplaces nowadays. There may be direct discrimination; which is result of direct negligence or discrimination to one person as compared to others due to certain characteristics. When someone is discriminated or treated unequally due to his connections with another person then it is associative discrimination. Some discrimination is based on the perception of the employer about particular employee. Moreover, indirect discrimination is the result of that particular rule because of which, everyone having those characteristics will be disadvantaged. There may also be harassment based on gender or any behavior.
In recent years…
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