Business Ethics, Its Current Practices And Various Aspects

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Current Issue pertaining to Business ethics, its current practices and various aspects:
Discrimination related to the employment in the businesses is one of the major ethical issues nowadays. It creates many problems in the workplace and can reduce the motivation level, loyalty and commitment with the firms. Discrimination on workplace can be defined as the imbalanced or unequal treatment with employees based on biases. This biasness may be based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, nation, language, religion and disability of employees etc. It is the right of the people to be treated equally and provision of equal opportunities without any discrimination in any sense. The discrimination has many forms in the firms like unequal pay compensations,
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Discrimination affects adversely to the organization due to the increased number of turnover and low productivity. It also harms the reputation of the organization. When employees are being treated differently on particular bases, then they lose their focus on the work and there is wastage of time and resources.
Although the practice of discrimination is unlawful by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it is forbidden to discriminate on the basis of color, religion, sex and race, still it is being practiced in the US on the very large scale.Highest numbers of discrimination in workplaces were recorded in US in recent age, according to the results of US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Triana, Maria). This commission explores about the issues of discrimination and settles the matters by negotiating with parties and giving compensation to the employees, who are being discriminated. The compensation is may be in the form of promotions, cash payments or by providing the better employment opportunities.
Workplace discrimination is not only ethically wrong but it also causes great expenses to the employer. It may result in the high rate of turnover, low commitment, productivity and sometimes
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