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CONTENT PAGE 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Ethical Dilemmas 2.1 Unhealthy Oil 2.2Employees Issues 2.3 Suppliers Issues 2 2 3-4 4 3.0 Ethical Theory 5-7 4.0 The Organization’s Ethical Best Practices and Values 7-9 5.0 Recommendation 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 1.0 Introduction All of companies should be use the ethical decision to development their business on the right way because it’s a behavior of company showing to the publics and also responsible to social or public. The decision of company might be influence the company and public if they are taking the unethical idea to run for business. Therefore, the decision makers have to consider the benefits of company and to avoid the bad influence for public before make any decision. Kentucky…show more content…
The chicken is full of chemical because an injection the chemical to fatten the chicken at the short period. Therefore, the company can using the chicken on the business operation and sells it to consumers; its unethical action of KFC did because it will effect the healthy of consumer. In addition, People for Ethical Treatment of Animal accused KFC because they found the ill treatment of birds in KFC’s poultry farms. ( Beside that, the way of KFC suppliers treat the chicken in the farm is quite cruelty in USA. The suppliers inject the chemical or drug through the mouth of chicken to growing faster in the short period. After that, they will cut off the mouth of chicken even its baby chicken and will cut the wings and legs so that even cannot walk. The most cruelty is the worker catching chicken like throwing rubbish into rubbish bin and send to the slaughterhouse. At the slaughterhouse, all of chicken on the floor but the workers are kick and step it like a football or hang up it. The process of slaughter is dropped the chicken into the tanks of scalding hot water when they are till conscious after that send to branch and fried it. This cruelty slaughter not only occurred in the USA also occurred at Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and so on. They way of KFC suppliers treat the chicken is unethical and illegal; the consumers might anti
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