Business Ethics, Leadership, And Business Relationships

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Business Ethics Samuel .A. Amah Columbia Southern University Abstract The reflection paper critically examines business ethics, leadership, and business relationships and how they are interrelated and contribute to an organization’s overall culture. Key highlights include; the impact of trade relationships within an origination, how different leadership style affect ethical practices, effects of ethics on the overall culture of an organization, writers approach to business ethics and the writer 's conclusion. A business relationship, leadership, and ethics have tremendous effect and contribution to an organization overall culture. The three attributes play a vital role in an organization…show more content…
When the top management exercises high ethical standards, it encourages the workers to meet similar standards.Ethical leadership also build a good reputation for the company in the financial market. An excellent reputation for good ethical behavior may also improve a company’s business. Leaders who purpose to use ethics adhere to proper ethical conduct, employee policies, and rules while working towards achieving the company’s goal and mission. Ethical leaders meet various standards for quality in their work, which goes a long way in enhancing the company’s reputation for quality products and services. Top management official who adheres to ethical procedures and behavior create an ethical organization culture. The leaders can influence or even create an ethical culture by showing forth the kind of behavior they expect to see from their workers. The organization can give rewards to employees who show values that are in line with the company code to reinforce ethical behavior. Ethical behavior and business performance are related in many ways. Several companies lose a good amount of customers within a short period due to lack of solid ethical procedures in the organization. Bad behaviors damage corporate performance in an organization, employees should be allowed to develop their career and organization should be actively involved in supporting such objectives. Stress and pressure on employees can lower workers performance, turnover
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