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Reaction Paper I-Maple Leaf Foods In Aug 2012, a Toronto Maple Leaf Foods (“the Company”) plant was confirmed as being involved in the outbreak of the food-borne illness, caused by the bacterium Listeria. A day later, Maple Leaf upgraded a precautionary recall of 23 of its products in previous week to all 220 packaged meats from the plant at the Bartor’s Road, which has been shut down. The company has estimated the recall will directly cost it at least $20 million, with further costs expected due to lost sales and reputation damage. Since the outbreak of Listeria bacterium, 22 people died and there were 57 total confirmed cases of illness caused by Listeria 1. Although the Listeria outbreak was described by the Company’s CEO as “the…show more content…
The review indicated that there were several deficiencies existed at this plant, which contributed to the outbreak. For example, Maple Leaf Foods’ plant was aware that it had occurrences of Listeria in the plant in 2007 and 2008, and tried to correct the problem with sanitation procedures. As a result, the plant’s management thought Listeria was under control. Maple Leaf Foods did not conduct the trend analysis required under its Listeria control policy. Without this analysis, the recurring positive results were not identified. Also, the company did not establish an effective escalation process for the repeated occurrence of the bacteria. Furthermore, as a response to a market opportunity, Maple Leaf Foods produced large quantity of its deli meat products, targeted specifically to institutions such as hospitals and long-term care facilities serving high risk individuals, using a low-sodium recipe that increased the potential for Listeria to grow3. However, Maple Leaf Foods did not make corresponding adjustments or improvements to enhance its food safety procedures to reflect the higher risk identified in this special kind of deli products. Apparently, in this issue, Maple Leaf Foods was an active agent; it purposely reduced the sodium to cater

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