Business Ethics : Moral And Social Responsibility

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Business ethics are moral and social responsibility that a business is supposed to have towards the community in general. Many companies are concerned about their social responsibility, particularly to the environment and their employees. Our values and morals are our personal guidelines that help us make decisions about what is right and what is wrong. Most companies have policies and procedures it is important for managers and employees to have guidelines to follow in the workplace. I think we all have encountered one of these bureaucracies throughout our lives such as factories, department stores, banks, hospitals, libraries and churches they have rules, regulations and standardized procedures to follow. The reason because there are…show more content…
An example is a person being victim of sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace. This conduct is offensive and should not be tolerated and the victim should take further actions by reporting these incidents to Human Recourse and contact the police to file a report against the other person. It is advised that the person should document everything including date, time, persons involved and what was said and obtain all the evidence. But I understand these situations can happen anywhere in the workplace, school and no one should be a victim of sexual harassment or discrimination. In the education system, enforces policies and procedures that have built up over decades for community college and universities. I work in the admission department helping prospective, new, and returning students to register for classes. Assisting students with the interpretation of policies and procedures to succeeded in their education and meet their career goals. An example, it was registration month and it was going to be a busy month with student rushing to register for classes. Each student I helped had a different question and the response to their questions it was either a positive or negative feedback. I could observe students by their body language and eye contact some students were frustrated, calm and happy depending on their situation. For instance, a
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