Business Ethics Of International Business : Culture, Consumers And Employees

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Name: Mohamad Alqahtani
Instructor Name: Keith Kelley
Course: INB385 International Business
Date: October 11, 2015

Response to Ethical Challenges in International Business: Culture, Consumers and Employees
General business ethics applies in the case of international business. However, international business ethics poses a particularly different difficulty- from domestic business- as a result of the scope of diversity that managers have to deal with: cultural, economic and legal, etc. Although the contents of business ethics are to an extent informed by the legal framework (including laws and regulatory policy), it is important to distinguish the legal from the ethical concerns. Besides, not all nations have the same laws governing the issues that ethics concerns itself with. Companies may take advantage of lax legal situations in certain countries, especially the developing world, to conduct unethical business. Yet, all companies, wherever part of the globe they are, have the obligation to take these issues seriously: discrimination based on race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, religion, age; poor or unsafe labor conditions and pay; bribery and corruption; thievery of land, money and other natural resources and/or intellectual property; pollution; national discrimination based on trade partnerships (tariffs, barriers, embargos); currency manipulation; price-fixing; product-safety; national security; stakeholder importance, among many others. This

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