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Question No 1:
(a) “Business today faces 3 major
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Charging technology: The digital revolution has created and information age. The industrial age was characteristics by mass production and mass consumption, stores stuffed with inventory ads everywhere and rampant discounting. The information promises to lead to more accurate levels of production more targeted communication and more relevant pricing.
2. Globalization: Technological advantages in transportation, shipping and communication have made it easier for companies to market it to other countries and easier for consumers to buy products and serviced from marketers in other countries.
3. Deregulation: Many countries in India the domestic airline industry has been growing very rapidly after deregulation. Airline companies are competing with each other by offering different and better services to customers.
4. Privatization: Many countries have converted public companies to private ownership and managements to increase their efficiency.

5. Customer empowerment: Customer increasingly expects higher quality and service and some customization. They are more and more time starved and want more convenience.
6. Customization: The Company is able to produce individually differentiated goods whether ordered in person on the plane or online. By going on line companies essentially enable consumer to design their own goods.
7. Heightened competition: Brand manufacturers are facing intense competition from domestic and foreign brands which
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