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Business Ethics Assignment 1 Introduction This essay is to generally discuss how ethical theories provide guides in valuing human being’s behaviours to be ethically good or bad. We also have a look in different ethical theories to see why they are incompatible. The ethical theories include Utilitarianism, Kantian moral theory, virtue ethics and rights theory. Drawing on two of the theories, we will outline their positions and critically discuss the claim in a business situation. We will also outline and access at criticism level for these two theories. Purpose of ethical theory An ethical theory is to provide theory for people to value human beings through their behaviors, to access a person if he/she is ethical…show more content…
With the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, consumers have legal rights to receive goods or services comply with description provided by business. If a business provides a goods with the weight is less than what it described, consumer can appeal to court for compensation. But law doesn’t cover all rights. Law could not force a restaurant to provide food to a person without money even the person have a right to food. Law is complex and always changing. Law has its restriction and is not consummate. For example, a big company shift its base to another country doesn’t infringe a law, but it would produce a large unemployment force for the original country. Under rights theory, an action is considered as morally well if it best respect or fulfil people’s rights. The company’s action (shift) could not be considered morally well as it don’t respect employee’s rights to work for live if the company doesn’t do anything to compensate the employees other than by law, i.e. Help them find another jobs, give them proper training according to their will. The virtue ethics would disagree with the above business claim as well. Under virtue ethics, to access what is mostly valuable about actions, we should consider what the situation is and which virtue or virtues are relevant to the situation. The action would be considered morally good if it is the action that a person with

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