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Case Study Analysis: In Business Ethics And Corporate Governance

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The workshops analyses the cases given in regard to business ethics and corporate governance.
Discusses the way out and gives the recommendations on what the business should do to achieve their goals. The cases stress on the business ethics and open our minds on their importance in a business. They are responsible of determining the company’s image for example in the case where they are not taken seriously and broken they give the company name and when they are followed they build the company’s name leading to the growth and many benefits (Jennings, 2011). The cases outline the importance and
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These will be a bit more expensive but in terms of time and money but it will be worth since the company lost almost a third of the company asset trying to venture in the business which at the end was a total failure hence huge loss (Allen & Ferrell, 2005). 3. Analysis and Evaluation
From the case it’s clear that for the past years that is from when the company was established till year 2005 the company was recognized for its good conduct over the past years and when it was first involved in the scandal it affected the business greatly. There had been other misconduct but the government was used to protect them but during the time they were sued by the attorney general sued them for the finite insurance (George, 2009). The scandal largely affected the company since by that time other insurance companies were joining the market hence they lost their clients to their competitors. Also the company breached the trust clients had in them, also to their admirers leading to the company’s damaged image and these have had effects on various groups in the company and they include consumers, employees, investors, and the government (Allhoff & Vaidya, 2008).
Consumers: these are the people who buy services and products from the company. The company deals with insuring other large firms for example manufacturing industries, air craft companies, banks, other insurance companies.

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