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According to Wikipedia, ethics, also known as “moral philosophy”, is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality. Concepts such as good and bad, noble, right and wrong, justice and virtue. To business, ethics is a tool to examine principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. Therefore, business ethics can be both a normative and a descriptive discipline. Ethics is a part of the larger social ethics, and also always affect business development. In other words, business ethics is a factor of determining the fundamental purposes of a company. Marketing ethics is a subset of business ethics. Because in marketing, ethics deals with the principles, values and ideas by marketers; it shows how…show more content…
San lu was the milk company that suffered the milk crisis in 2008. This company used to be well known over the country, and made huge contributions to Chinas development. However, since 2000, the milk industry started getting more narrow for competition. For getting higher profits, San lu had used chemical materials to produce dairy products. In 2008, the whole story was discovered, San lu lost thousands of millions of dollars and reputation with the brand was broken. In the past, San lu is a large state-owned dairy producer and was the focus of the scandal since the issue came to light. Afterward, the U.S Food and Drug Administration warned consumers to avoid buying infant formula imported from China. This would taint China; also it alarmed all Chinese milk companies. In the early 2010, Shang Hai University published a survey with 300 pregnant women and mothers from different places in China. 85% thought they would rather order milk products from overseas; 38% are not positive with the nationwide milk industry. Since this happened, San lu paid a high price. The considerations of the public: What products could we trust? How we conduct with something might come up with like San lu’s story? How should we promote a fair and healthy market competition? Ethics is the key to a business firm. It is a fundamental sector to determine development and policy creations. According to San lu’s case, it reflects that importance of ethics in business. For future

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