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Business Ethics Business ethics is a multifaceted field that cannot be defined with a single definition. This area addresses numerous issues, problems, and dilemmas within the management of businesses. It does this through numerous perspectives and methods. Of course, in order to present the complexities of business ethics, we must explore the types of issues that business professionals are confronted with all the time. Business ethics not only portray to humans, but also to how businesses treat the environment.
My father stated to me that the enterprise in which he is engaged in, and the products or services that they market, should serve an inherently ethical purpose and that a companies primary ethical responsibilities are defined
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Are your major stockholders informed of major problems in the company?
In the past there has been times where we have not informed out stockholders and let the problem blow over as to not cause a rapid sell of the company stock. If the problem would of continued many people could of risked losing a fortune, so in fact that was unethical, I myself was worried for my company stock investments. By keeping you stockholders and employees in the dark you could run the risk of problems like Enron is having.

Does ?? stay on top of handling customer service or does it put issues aside like other companies?
This is one item I can say is always handled professionally. The Japanese are very strict when it comes to keeping the customer happy and will do almost anything to keep the return business. There are a few companies that do the same services we do. They are constantly trying to get more business because of their ethics and the way they treat their clients. When a client is not big enough, I’m saying that they do $2 million a year in business compared to the big three that do $100 million a year. A customer is a customer and purposely sabotaging their efforts to get them out of the way for bigger clients in wrong. But as I have seen in from past experience, twenty loyal small clients are always better that one big client you will leave for a price difference of
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