Business Ethics

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Project Paper
The Role of Cultural Values in Business Ethics: the case of ICT companies

Muhammad Fikri Bin Ahmad (1022133)

Mohamad Amali Bin Maulan (1013901)

Muhammad Muslim Bin Samsudin(1012545)

Tengku Muhammad Ihsan bin Tengku Hishamuddin (1027923)

MGT 3020 Business Ethics
Section 1
IIUM Gombak
15th June 2011

The Role of Cultural Values in Business Ethics: the case of ICT companies
Tengku Muhammad Ihsan Bin Tengku Hishamuddin, Mohamad Amali bin Maulan, Muhammad Muslim Bin Samsudin, Muhammad Fikri Bin Ahmad
Kuliyyah of Economics And Management Sciences,
International Islamic University
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Then methodology of research which is consists of interview data is described. Lastly, result and limitation of the research are discussed. Before the interview feedback is discussed, the some concepts are explained in the form of framework discussion. We serve the previous research as reference of interpretation in our finding. A lot of publish articles look potential in assisting this project paper.

3. Literature Review
Before the results of the investigation are discussed, some concepts are explained that form the framework of the discussion. Some previous studies may serve as reference material in the interpretation of the findings. This section gives an overview of relevant literature on the topic of how cultural values plays it role in business ethics as the case in ICT companies. Lots of works was published on the potential usefulness and development of cultural values. However few sources can be found that tackle this topic in the ICT domain.

Based on 15 articles that we have reviewed we have found out several patterns that can be further discussed throughout this study. Among the issue highlighted by those literatures is the influence of company culture with the company performance in terms of customer satisfaction and preferences. According to Gebauer, Edvardsson and Bjurko (2009) company cultures enhance the satisfaction and loyalty of customers, which strengthens customer

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