Business Ethics Reflection

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Business Ethics Reflection Matthew Todd XMGT/216 4/22/12 Mike Ishmael Business Ethics Reflection Matthew Todd XMGT/216 4/22/12 Mike Ishmael In my previous job, there was a couple of ethical dilemmas I had over a period of time, but I’m only choosing one of them to focus on in this paper. This situation involved me catching another co-worker stealing products from the shop. I didn’t say anything at first because I thought maybe this person had gotten permission to use these items. I decided from then on that I was going to watch this person closely, to see if they would take anymore products. Sure enough they did, and that was the moment I knew for sure they were stealing from the company. I felt like I had to do something…show more content…
This stems from the greed of wanting more material assets, like I mentioned before. There are a couple of different social pressures that I felt in this situation. The first is how nobody wants to be called a “nark” or a “taddle tale”, so many people turn to keeping their mouth shut in situations like this so they don’t cause any waves. I felt the pressure to not say anything about the problem and just keep my mouth shut. I also feel the social pressure of defending my employer and not letting them get taken advantage of. There is a certain obligation that I have with the company since I’m an employee, and that is to stay honest and trustworthy, and to look out for potential problems that can conflict with those values of honesty and trustworthiness. If I faced the same dilemma today, I think I would go straight to management, unless I was especially close to the employee. Since I’m not a manager I should stay out of these kind of problems, and leave it up to them. It becomes to akward for me to confront a fellow employee, because they often become to defensive and management gets involved anyway, and then you end up looking bad if the issue is brought up in front of them. They will want to know how come you didn’t tell them and why are you trying to handle it yourself? I think in the future it will be much
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