Business Ethics : The Fundamental Purposes Of An Organization

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The main aim of a business ethics is usually to determine the fundamental purposes of an organization. A company whose goal is to maximize shareholder returns would be violating fiduciary responsibility if it sacrificed profits to other concerns. Business ethics refers to the set of contemporary standards that govern the behavior of persons in a business organization. It has both normative and descriptive dimensions. The field is primarily normative when considered as a corporate practice. The range of concern on business ethical issues focuses on the interaction of profit-maximizing behavior with non-economic concerns. Ethics are vital when it comes to regulating and details in business that are beyond government control. Organizations that fail to comply with the specified business ethics participate in unfair business practices. These practices entail; fraud, misrepresentation and oppressive acts often against consumers. These practices are against the law in many countries. In this essay, I will defend the claim that the business in the form of [Name of business] is a practice and that Joe is a practitioner (Petersen).
The ultimate goal of the company is growing and attain sustainability in providing the community with reliable electricity. The business was acquired at about two decades ago where through commitment Joe has managed to serve the community, and aims make the business self-sustaining that it can still thrive under new management. The business is also aligned…
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