Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Ethics are a collection of principles of right conduct that shape the decisions people or organizations make. In a market economy, a business put all possible effort in its own best interest in order to make the best profit. In other hand, businesses are involved each other in that process. It’s ethical in business to do the best possible for your own business without harm the interests or profits to other businesses involved. Ethical behavior is what all carrier people should have in all businesses. Differentiates between right and wrong exist in businesses, especially when sell a products for profit. There are certain rules to be followed in that meter. It’s unethical to send photographs or copyright of a company to a competitor without…show more content…
Normandale took unethical business action toward Mathis and has to be punished according the law. Normandale’s actions affect negatively the opposite company in the following way – decrease in sells, decrease in profit and as an effect the company may lay off some of its employees. Because of Normandale’s unethical actions Mathis may have suffered a lot of damages. The damages that Mathis may suffer are loss of profit. Mathis is subject to this because of the Proximate Cause which implies that “recovery damage for loss of profits is subject to the general principle that damages must be proximately caused by the wrongful conduct of the defendant”(Don, Robert L., Recovery of Damages of Loss Profits, 5th edition, 1988). In that situation the defendant will be Normandale. Corporate social responsibility is an obligation for the company to follow long term goals that are good for the society. It different words are to conduct a business in an ethical way and in the interest of the wider community. From Normandale’s point of view selling Mathis’s products at a lower price would be good for consumers of the communities. People may argue that is not the job of business organizations to be concerned about social issues and problems. In the free market view, the job of businesses is to create a wealth considering the interests of its shareholders. As a contrast, the corporate social responsibility view is that businesses should be
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