Business Ethics and Tourism

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C urrent issues

B usiness ethics and tourism: from m icro to macro perspectives
A lf H Walle
Travel and Tourism Program, University of Nebraska, West Center C226, Kearney, NE 68849, USA

Business ethics is a complex field which the tourism industry must understand. In addition, t ourism is a unique industry; although general concepts of business ethics are often useful, t ourism transcends mainstream business and must be evaluated accordingly. By forming alliances with subdisciplines of business
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Is the strategy legal?

H as the organization r esponded to problems and i ssues which have emerged as s ignificant?

F uture problems are addressed e ven if the organization is not d irectly involved in causing t hem

2. Is the strategy profitable e nough (however measured)'?

m anner if executives perceive that doing so is a good t actic.
W hile Friedman's arguments are most powerful f rom a theoretical vantage, Keith Davis analyzes m odern business as it actually exists. 3'4 Davis e mphasizes the powerful position of modern busin ess; as a result of this clout, he argues, stockholders a re merely one of several legitimate stakeholders which must be considered when strategies are being f orged: economic power and its impacts create moral a nd ethical responsibilities.
O nce Davis establishes this point, however, he p arallels Friedman by asserting that socially res ponsible behaviour ultimately benefits the organ ization and can help prevent government intervent ion and regulation. In addition to merely staving off g overnment interference, furthermore, the good
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