Business Ethics and the Global Dimension of Business Essay

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Business Ethics
And The Global Dimension of Business

Now that we have established a strategic business plan for Marketing, Operations and Human Resource Management for ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc, we must now establish an ethically and socially responsible business climate for our new plant. Another topic we must turn on our focus on is our presence in the global market. Because 20% of our sales are anticipated to be in the overseas market, we must address our international management considerations associated with the international sales of our products.

Ethically and Socially Responsible Business Climate
“Socially responsible management practices are defined as aiming at the achievement of commercial success in ways
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Being ethical meets the demands of stakeholders, enhances business performance, requires us to comply with legal requirements, and promotes personal morality. (Lawerence-Weber, 2008)
There are many arguments against corporate social responsibility, but I believe that to truly become a successful business, we must meet our economic and social objectives. Being socially responsible balances corporate power, discourages government regulation, promotes long-term profits, improves business value and reputation, and corrects social problems caused by business. Again, to truly be effective and successful a business must take social responsibility into every decision making factor. “The business of business is not solely just to make a profit; it is now to meet economic and social responsibilities simultaneously.” (Lawerence-Weber, 2008)
ABC Complete Kitchens Inc. will choose to have an enlightened self-interest. Meaning that it is in our best self-interest for long term success and profit to provide true value to our customers, to help our employees grow, and to behave responsibly as a corporate citizen. (Lawerence-Weber, 2008)
For managing the relationship with key stakeholders in a socially responsible manner while also attaining the relevant benefits for the company, values are essential. Values help both to define the ‘core’ of people and to explain why people make sacrifices, who they are and what they are willing to give up to attain
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