Business Ethics and the Real Estate

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Business Ethics and the Real Estate (Critical Analysis Template) Name: Jasper Esmalla Class: BUSI 560 Section: Spring 2011 Critical Analysis Topic: Business Ethics and the Real Estate PRINCIPLE: ◆ Defined as the standard by which one judges between moral right and wrong (Lawrence & Weber, 2011). o Covers every area in the business: - Accounting and financial responsibility - Marketing and advertising - Information Technology ◆ Is the application of ethical ideas in the business world. ◆ The purpose is to provide guidance to managers and employees to follow company policies and societal laws. ◆ Ethical policies and codes can enhance the business’ identity and reputation in the community (Argenti, 2009).…show more content…
Department of Justice – enforces and investigates intellectual property infringements (USDOJ, 2010). o The U.S. President, U.S. Congress, and U.S. Courts – implemented The Civil Rights Act o Representative Howard Smith – added prohibition to discrimination based on sex (Clark, 1991) o Thomas Hernquist – Chairperson of AMA to fight against illegal marketing activity o John F. Kennedy – The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was signed into law o Robert Marjolin – led the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development o Peter Drucker – a business guru who proposed that companies have ethical obligations o Andrew Olson – developed an online archive of ethical codes available to Internet users worldwide (Olson, 1998) o Representative Fritz Lanham – enacted the Lanham or Federal Trademark Act ◆ Critics of Ethical Standards: o Milton Friedman -- a Chicago school economist argues that CEOs have only one duty and that is to maximize the profits of a company (Friedman, 1970). o Businesses in developing countries o Small and start-up businesses PERIOD: ◆ 1790 – Patent and Trademark Office; signed into law which grants the right to exclude others from making and selling patented inventions
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