Business Evaluation : Mergers And Acquisitions

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The research proposal which is going to be written will mainly revolve around the concept of mergers and acquisition in current situation. Research would mainly focus upon: How mergers and acquisitions take place? Why there is need to merge or acquire? What are the legal ways or step to do that? What parties are involved in mergers and acquisitions? What are the Factors to be considered before mergers and acquisition? In order to carry out whole research till the conclusion few models will be used such as business evaluation models which will comprise asset evaluation method, historical earning evaluation, future maintainable earnings evaluation, relative valuation and future discounted cash flows (DCF). The purpose of choosing the topic “mergers & acquisitions” is its significance in the industry of modern world now days. (Hansell, 2005)
Precisely, mergers and acquisition is another name which is used for consolidation of two organizations. This happens when two separate organizations start operating combine. Merger are type of consolidation in which two different entities merge their operations and start operating as a single entity but acquisition is that type of consolidation of two organization in which one entity purchases the other one entity or organization or company which eventually starts operating as single entity. Many factors are needed to be considered before this phenomenon occurs. Above all, consent of both the organization is important whether they
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