Business Expansion Into China

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Business expansion into China
The Americans treat conception of self on self-reliance and self promotion is more accepted as they value freedom from external interference, while for the Chinese the conception of self is viewed from a group perspective and they value self modesty as well.
The other difficulty will be the language barrier that may exists between the Americans and the China dwellers. It will be ethical for the company to hire translators who will enable the clients feel at ease and respected as transactions between the American sales people and the Chinese customers, or interaction between the staff themselves may be a big challenge.
The other significant difference is that Americans do have the zeal to directly confront, criticize, handle controversial topics and press to the logical end their opinions while the Chinese are the opposite. They avoid as much as possible direct confrontation and heated discourse, avoid open criticisms and controversial topics and concern themselves more with maintaining peace and harmony among themselves.
When it comes to duties and work level, the Americans value completion of the assigned tasks than the relationships and friendships that may be developed during or even instead of the work. The Chinese culture on the other hand is relationships oriented where the maintenance and sustenance of relationships is more important than accomplishing a task and is the two can be accomplished in tandem then it is a bigger

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