Business Expansion Of Alibaba Group

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Enterprise expansion

Enterprise expansion is already on its way in the case of Alibaba group; the new integration to the stock market is for instance one of the strategic decisions of the company to get access to the U.S market. Jack Ma is definitely concerned about strengthen its positions especially in Russia, United States, Brazil and Spain for the present year.


At this scale, replicating the firm involve important costs and a massive use of the companies resources, however Alibaba group have already many branches operating on its management such as Aliexpress which is more oriented to particulars than the classic business to business activities that Alibaba is known for or the Alimama branch which is specialized to get the dots connected between advertisers and publishers.


The integration of such a multi-national is hard to achieve just like replicate it. Ebay or Amazon are big enough to have the monopoly on some market share and so does Alibaba which most likely will never let this players merge into bigger organization. Alibaba have some integration in its history already we found out after some researches that the Big Ecommerce platform of Australia is now integrated to the group after signing recently a contract with them

Anticipated timeline

The very first step in Alibaba’s group is to keep up the good work on the aggressive expansion strategy they are in right now. Integrations and contract is the second step. Integrations…
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