Business Expansion on an International Level

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Business Expansion on International Level Table of Contents Abstract 3 Business Expansion on International Level 4 Technological Factors 5 Absence of Competitive Edge 6 Conclusion 8 References 9 Abstract With the wave of globalization, organizations are planning to emerge at regional and international level. It is a challenging journey which may ruin the success marked in the host country as well. It is, therefore, extremely important to identify and analyze the potential risk factors which can hinder the successful performance at international level. The strategy successfully implemented in one country may produce altogether opposite results in the other country. Business expansion on international level is the dream of every business organization that is successful in the home country. It is not only ambition for growth which paves way for international business expansion, but also a requirement posed by wave of globalization in the modern 21st century. People are interested in buying imported items and organizations long for conducting business in various countries in which they can enjoy cheap labor and economies of scale. Going global is a long strenuous journey in which an organization has to keep an eye on several factors. It is important to mention that many organizations when going global assume high probability of success just because they are successful in local industry. This assumption may land them in trouble. It is because; success in
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