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730 Strategic E-Business Assignment
18 Oct 2014 LIBEI 1406221
Question 1 Answer: There are four steps for developing a new strategy as following:
Step 1: Strategic Analysis. City Flowers should analysis external and internal environment and first. By collecting and reviewing of information about firm’s internal processes and resources and external marketplace factors, firm can understand the situation and position well. By using PESTLE to analysis external environment and SWOT to analysis internal environment are efficient.
City Flowers currently meet the 40% customer needs as the standing order from commercial clients for company reception and executive offices. 30% from individual purchasing, another 30% are orders to be
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Setting up the vision of the flower shop can provides employees a clear purpose to work for; sets the impossible and achievable stretch goals which guide managers in effectively integrate resources. Mission tells who a company is and what it does. Setting up the mission of flowers shop can unifies employees’ efforts in pursuing company goals; provides basis for allocating resources; serves as an effective public relations tool and guides strategic or daily decision making. For e-business, the flower shop vision should be based on the top managements’ view of the future relevance of the internet to their industry. Today, consumers conduct the most purchasing behavior online; almost all kinds of products/services can be delivered over the internet.
Setting objective by using SMART analyses. Specific goals are key factors for work successfulness. Such as achieving 10% commercial market share or improve 15% based on sales statement of last year. The objective must be measurable so that you can know whether reach the objective or not; if not, what is the problem stage and try to fix it. Objective must be attainable which means setting the goal base on reality, the goal can be achieve after properly working.
Step 3: Strategic definition. Company’s objectives decide the strategic definition. There are six key e-business strategic decisions: First is E-business channel priorities. As a flower shop in CBD, we may focus on commercial customers and list the catalog
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