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Nahas 1 Business Ownership      Finding a consistent well paying job has been getting harder and harder in recent years. A number of new and great business opportunities are available to the public. These opportunities only cash in if you run a well oiled business plan. Anything from wholesaling vehicles to owning your own pizza parlor are great starts in business. Although, owning and operating a business is a great burden on a person, it can turn out to be very profitable.      While trying to choose a business to start up there are many different factors to think about. An easier choice is to buy an existing business. It starts up as being a lot cheaper to start than your own business…show more content…
Some people assume that all good businesses are good for all buyers. Your skills, goals, values, and ambitions will all play a role in determining the best business for you. 3.      DON’T assume that starting a business is easy! Assume you will have to work longer and harder than others in the same business just to make it work. If you’re not willing to do that, walk away. 4.      DON’T try to go it alone. Use Experts. Lack of experience is often cited as one of the two biggest killers of start up businesses. Certainly your franchisor will Nahas 2 help you by sharing their experience with you, but use the experience of other experts, too. 5.      DON’T forget about a business plan Before you plunge into a business, in addition to investigating the franchise you are buying, also study both the local market in which you’ll operating and the industry that you are contemplating joining. 6.      DON’T pick a business because “there are so many of them, they must be good.” When buying a business, feeling safe is a strong and undeniable urge. When you look at an already popular franchise, your safety level instinctively is high. You can see how easy it appears to operate, and you know that your skills could easily accomplish the necessary tasks. Right? Not necessarily! 7.     DON’T skip talking

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