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The success of Management by Objectives (MBO)I. The appraisal system is one of the most important tools an employer has. At my job the best method to use is management by objectives. Management by objectives is best suited to my position because it helps guide employees by setting goals, allowing for objectives to be clearly established.II. My position is manager of the Department of Integral development for the Colombian Embassy. The key responsibilities for a manager in this department are to follow-up and participate in the political dialogue discussion. Additionally, one must negotiate important resolutions for the Colombian government in the area of integral development. Also important is coordinating and verifying the progress of…show more content…
According to the author of setting goals for management by objectives “One purpose of MBO is to facilitate the derivation of specific from general objectives” (Tosi, Rizzo & Carroll). This is something that has been implemented in the past, and one of the reasons we use MBO is that it allows the employee to have a clear view of the specific goals that he or she has when in a negotiation. For the most part it has been effective but one of the main problems that we have is that it can sometimes be difficult to effectively appraise a certain individual. Individuals cannot always be judged by the outcome of a negotiation, so reviewing them effectively requires studying how they negotiated rather than the actual impact that they had on the negotiation. This person might have done everything correctly but still failed to create an outcome in the interest of our organization. This is problematic as these appraisals are extremely important as the grading we get for our jobs directly effect advancement in a diplomatic career. Even though we agree on the measurement tools for determining whether the objectives where met, sometimes effectiveness can be difficult because in a negotiation you are discussing points of views and interest with 34 other countries. With 35 often differing views, it is difficult for one negotiator to meet all their goals. In the embassy there is already an appeal method allowing employees to appeal their grade when they don’t feel

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