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Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Apple Marketing objectives: Aims & Objectives: Apples aim and objectives are to be able to become the leading business in the mobile market, expanding their distribution network to reach more consumers, and to create more company revenue than their competitors. Marketing aims & objectives: To continuously make and improve new generations of products. To add new features to their current products so there's always something new to look forward to. One of Apple’s biggest objectives is to become the leading business in the mobile market. Their strategy associated with this goal is to become an…show more content…
Their aims are both to have control in their market sector and make sure that they dominate over the other competitors. Amazon is a bit different to Apple because they are more diverse in which products they sell on their website. Apple Marketing Techniques Apple’s intensive strategies for their growth supports the firm’s ability to maintain their strong position in the global market. For Apple to maintain their position as the leading global mobile company they need to continuously produce new and improved products. By apple doing this they will have to bring out new product which are not related to their current products, for example when the brought out the apple watch it was not like any products which they already had so it was them being diverse in a new market. In order for Apple to survive in such a competitive market such as the mobile market they need to be able to consistently out do their competitors such as Samsung. They will be able to achieve this by developing their current products and releasing new versions of these products and improving them as far as possible. This will allow them to have a more diverse audience of customers to aim at and attract. For apple it is also very important that their perception of the customers is good and they have a positive image. This is important because if the perception of them is poor then their are many alternative options. This is also

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