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Business Jill Tobias Rasmussen College This paper is being submitted on July 19, 2015, for Susan Zappia course Business Research Analysis GEB 3124. Starting a business can a time be a very difficult task to undertake since it involves full commitment and researching on the consumer needs. For a business to succeed, it should have taken into consideration the market needs of individuals. A business research is a vital requirement that should never be left out when considering a business project. The success of a business is mostly determined by the depth or research you conducted before establishing the business. When a business research is shallow, it is expected that the business will fail in the long run if different strategic…show more content…
After the feedback, the team engages in the production of a product that best suits the consumer needs. After incorporating all the sentiments, the product is expected to be better. However, product improvement is a continuous process that needs to be performed from time to time. In fact, new human wants continue to be experienced, and thus innovation is inevitable. An online search for consumer needs is another research method that is widely used for a business project to be successful. The important bit about conducting an online search is because the online platform is open to feedback and people opinions. An online platform is cheap, and they may save a lot of time and funds in conducting research using this method. Additionally, this method has been tried by different organizations and proven to be effective and reliable. Further, product developers believe that this method gives them genuine response so as to design the product that is required. Some of the response given may not be relevant, but one can use them to improve on the existing products. Additionally, the online platform may be compromised by your competitors and use the feedback to make better products than you. However, with proper security measures, the consumer feedback will put you a step ahead in developing the required [product and making the business project successful (Coldwell, 2010). The outcomes from these research methods are expected to be insightful to the product developers.

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