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MANAGING BULLYING PROBLEMS IN NIGERIAN SECONDARY SCHOOLS: SOME COUNSELLING INTERVENTIONS FOR IMPLEMENTATION Oyaziwo Aluede Ambrose Alli University Abstract Bullying problem has remained pervasive and a going concern for all stakeholders of education who desire to make school climate a safe haven. This paper is moved by this desire, by bringing into context the meaning of bullying and prevalence of bullying around the globe. The paper further brings into perspective bullying situation in Nigeria and prescribes intervention for bullying prevention in schools. These include; provision of helping services for schools; sensitization and capacity building of
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Meaning of Bullying Behaviour Bullying is a pervasive problem in schools that affects a lot of students. In recent times, it is becoming a bigger crisis with vicious consequences. Bullying is not just a child’s play, but a terrifying experience many school children face everyday (Aluede, 2006; Beran, 2005; Craig, 1998; Thornbery, 2010). As Beran (2005) further noted, in spite of school officials, teachers, parents and students exerting great efforts to make schools friendlier and safer places, a reduction of bullying is not always evident, as threats of attacks in schools often leading to breakdown of rules and orders are often the case in many Nigerian schools. What then is bullying? Defining bullying has been a very difficult task, as no single definition can cover all aspects of bullying. Notwithstanding, bullying is a form of aggression, a particular kind of violence to which students are exposed. It is a form of social interaction in which a more dominant individual (the bully) exhibits aggressive behaviour intended to cause distress to the less dominant individual (the victim). In some studies, bullying has been conceptualized as acting in any way that threatens or hurts someone less powerful. Bullying does not occur when there is conflict between people
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