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STEP Know What You Want And Dream Big “Alamin ang iyong mga hangarin at mangarap ka nang mataas” What is the first thing you do when you want to watch a movie? If you’re a normal person the first thing you do is decide what movie to watch and choose where to watch it and at what time. It’s the same thing with wealth building; you have to know first what you really want before you move on to the next steps. Most financial planners will tell you to examine your present financial situation first before you think about what you want to accomplish. I would agree with this if building wealth is as simple as watxhing movie. After all, how can you watch a movie if you do not have money? However, wealth building is more complex…show more content…
You are more likely to pursue goals that you can easily imagine or picture in your mind compared to those that are vague or fuzzy. So create goals that are specific, clear and detailed beacuase it will allow you to imagine it easily. If you have a clear idea of what you really want, you will be more inspired to do everything necessary to accomplish it. Instead of simply saying “I want to have a big house” describe in detail what kind of house you want. You could say for instance, “I will build on a 500 square meter lot, a 2-storey house with 5 bedrooms, bathrooms, a spacious living room with high-ceiling and a dining area with a nice view of the garden.” Pwede mo pang idagdag kung ano ang kulay ng bahay, bubong at bakod, anong klaseng tiles ang gagamitin sa sahig at anong puno at mga halaman ang ilalagay sa garden. Don’t just say “I want to have a vacation abroad.” Declare instead that “I will travel to the United States with my family and spend two weeks enjoying the rides and attractions in Disneyland, Universal Studios and Sea World, walk the streets of San Francisco and meet the stars in Hollywood.” The more specific and detailed your goal, the easier it will be for you to imagine and you will be more excited and passionate to turn it to reality. MEASURABLE GOALS Goals should be measurable so that it will be easier for you to

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