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Chapter 16 Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility GENERAL CONTENT: Multiple-Choice Questions 1. The marketing concept is a philosophy of customer satisfaction and _____. a. mutual interest b. mutual gain c. innovation d. needs met e. none of the above (Answer: b; p. 495; Moderate) 2. You have just read the latest survey about consumers’ attitudes toward current marketing practices. It reveals that consumers in general hold _____ attitudes. a. mixed b. slightly unfavorable c. moderate d. A and B e. belligerent (Answer: d; p. 495; Easy) 3. Many critics charge that the American marketing system causes _____ to be higher than they…show more content…
Which one? a. Consumers like change. b. No one is forced to buy the new product. c. It will eventually wear out anyway. d. For most technical products, customers want the latest innovations. e. None of the above. (Answer: c; p. 501; Moderate) 14. The _____ marketing system has been accused of poorly serving disadvantaged consumers. a. European Union b. American c. GATT d. WTO e. NAFTA (Answer: b; p. 502; Easy) 15. A Consumers Union study found that the _____ pay more for inferior goods. a. wealthy b. uneducated c. poor d. Jews e. Asian Americans (Answer: c; p. 502; Moderate) 16. A Consumers Union study suggested that the presence of _____ in low-income neighborhoods made a big difference in keeping prices down. a. supermarkets b. super centers c. discount stores d. large national chain stores e. factory outlets (Answer: d; p. 502; Moderate) 17. A type of economic discrimination in which major chain retailers avoid placing stores in disadvantaged neighborhoods is called _____. a. embargo b. licensing c. redlining d. tariff e. scrambled merchandise (Answer: c; p. 502; Easy) 18. The American marketing system has been accused of adding to several “evils” in American society at large. These untrue criticisms include

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