Business Feasibility Operations And Strategy : Green Divers

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Business Feasibility Operations and Strategy: Green Divers We all want to follow our passions and land our dream job straight out of college right? I know I do and I also know that I’d rather work for myself than work for the man. In order for this to happen there is no better plan than for me to create my own business. I think of stuff all the time and I’ve been writing ideas down for a long time and a finally think I may be on to something, which is the purpose of this paper. In this document I will first introduce myself as the entrepreneur, I will describe my passions, career goals, how I will connect those with my business concept and why. Following an introduction of myself, I will then introduce the company, its concept, mission,…show more content…
I believe that it is very important that we start thinking about what we can begin to do now in order to minimize our impact on natural resources because, in the end, we are the ones responsible for the way future generation will live.
Through my experiences with travel and diving, I have recognized that there is a need for sustainable development especially in tourism products specific to water recreation activities. Through my research I have found that there are currently no organizations or sustainable frameworks or standards that are specific to water recreation, that include but are not limited too; scuba diving, snuba, snorkeling, paddle boarding, boat tours, parasailing, jet skiing or sailing. Since I am passionate about sustainable tourism and have a deep love for diving and the ocean I believe that there should be an organization which goal is to implement, counsel, train and audit tour operators through a sustainable framework specific for water recreation. I want to achieve this goal through an organization that I call Green Divers. Our oceans are our lifeline and if we don’t start protecting them we could be in big trouble.
So what exactly is Green Divers? First of all, it’s the future of water recreation activities that pertains to sustainable tourism. Green Divers is an international organization whose vision is to achieve world recognition in its sustainability efforts to protect aquatic

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