Business Feasibility Study Of Marketing

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BUSINESS FEASIBILITY STUDY LAUNCHING ‘VALERA’ SUNGLASSES IN CHINA Overview There are many markets globally which are seeing high growth in incomes and at the same time increased spending capacity. Increasing incomes come with increased spending on branded products and our company ZION which is based out of London, United Kingdom plans to take advantage of this opportunity to introduce our high end sunglasses brand ‘Valera’ in one of these markets. Our company has chosen China as a first step towards globalisation of our operations. Rationale to start operations in China Now China has grown at a fast pace in the past 30 years. It has experienced double digit growth in the last two decades and it became the world’s largest trading power accounting for more than 10 percent of the global Gross GDP surpassing the GDP of the United States in the year 2013. (Barone and Bendini 2015) Currently there is a macroeconomic slowdown in the Chinese economy and the Chinese government is restructuring its reform process for taking China from a manufacturing and exports based economy to consumer based economy. (He 2014) According to a World Bank report, consumption growth remains robust in China as of May 2015 with real retail sales up by 10.5 percent. (World Bank 2015) This would seem an appropriate time to enter China as it enters the consumer spending period which would allow our brand to get well established in China now instead of it being launched when the economy was

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