Business Feasibility Study of a Day Care Center Essay

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Business Feasibility Study of A Home Day Care Center Muhisani Kerr OMM 614 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Josephine Carola April 9th, 2012 Executive Summary Kilo’s Loving Care is a venture that provides 24 hour home care services for children in DeKalb County. This facility provides child care services for up to 6 children from the age of 6 months to 12 years. The service also provides weekend and holiday care for parents who work non-traditional hours. There are 73 child care centers in a 35 mile radius from my location. There are franchised child care centers, regular child care centers and other home based child care centers. Only 4 of them provide 24 hour service, 2 of them provide weekend service but none of…show more content…
Success in this field requires dedication, love and patience. The work day is longer than a normal eight-hour day, but the satisfaction of watching children grow and develop will be worth the extra effort. Based on an apparent need, this feasibility study intends to determine whether or not to proceed with the venture of a licensed daycare center in DeKalb County. At both levels, the need for child care represents a cultural shift towards single parenting or both parents working. The availability of child care means attracting and retaining families and employees. This study examines what it would take to start up a licensed home day care center in my county. PRODUCT OR SERVICE • Child care development home. A child care development home is a private residence for up to five children, with no more than two infants in the group (US Small Business Administration, 2012). I will present learning activities and toys in a way that stimulates the children's interest and play. Children need structured
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